• Prologue: Dumped!
    Good natured Clif and his dog Sarge do another routine junkyard-dump job. Mostly routine.
  • Chapter One: A Sidekick Determined!
    Lydia needs to take over the world, but how can she do that if her mom won't let her have a sidekick?!
  • Chapter Two: Money Stinks!
    Lydia and Fizzlebit learn their home base is in danger of being lost if they don't earn money! Can they get one of those fabled job-things people talk about?
  • Chapter Three: Return of the Schoolzees
    Lydia's plans for world conquest are interrupted with the start of the school year. Will Fizzlebit be able to help her overcome the dreaded Schoolzees? And who the heck this McTuffin everyone is yammering about?
  • Chapter Four: The Curious Case of McTuffin
    McTuffin is real! And he's REAL MAD! Could he prevent Lydia and Fizzlebit from their ultimate goal? Or will he eventually decide to help them out? Plus, SCIENCE!
  • Chapter Five: Test of Medal
    Lydia's super excited after winning a medal at the science fair, but will it actually help with the mission?!
    • Chapter Five Title Page
    • Chapter 5 Mission Status (by Lydia)