Digital Comics

Need to take Fizzlebit with you, away from the Internet connections? You’re in luck! You can buy a digital copy of Fizzlebit in the form of a handy-dandy PDF!

This is the cover of a digital comic that would smell of new-comic smell, if Smell-o-Vision were to exist now.

The first collection features all the comics from the Prologue and Chapter 1, plus some spiffy extra comics, including a few brand-new ones just for this collection!

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Fizzlebit Volume 2 CoverCollection 2 features all of the comics from Chapter 2, including Fizzlebreaks, some extra comic strips not-seen before on The Internet, and a sketchbook section!Buy Now

Fizzlebit Volumn 3 cover, now with more bunnies!Chapter 3 includes all the comics from Chapter 3, plus a few new non-interneted strips, an origin of McTuffin, and twenty, TWENTY(!) Pakow! McTuffin! comics strips! Buy Now

Shirts, Mugs, and Things

Want some Fizzlebit related shirts and such? Visit my Zazzle store to find it, as well as a huge pile of dinosaurs and bunnies. (No, really, there’s a lot of dinosaurs, mostly in Christmas situations).