Fizzlebit, GO!

Published in on by Lindsay

This is the start of some crazy business.

Hello, I’m Lindsay Hornsby and I’m the artist of Fizzlebit, which is starting today!  Fizzlebit is a long-form story of a 6 year old girl’s mission to take over the world and her penguin sidekick who sticks with her through it all. Assuming I set everything up correctly, you should have a 7 page prologue to read once you hit the “First” button on the comic navigation. If there’s a few test posts and comics still up, I apologize in advance and will quickly pull them down and deny they happened.

Fizzlebit is currently updating on Mondays and Thursdays. I intend to shift to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule after finishing the remaining work on A Friendly Game, a graphic novel collaboration that has overtaken the last few years of my life and is currently on the last part of the journey before publication. Watch for it from the awesome folks at SLG Publishing sometime this summer.

There’s still a few things not up on the site yet, but they will be up soon, and I’ll be working out the other weird kinks for things I may have broken as well. I’m promoting Fizzlebit at C2E2, so if you stopped by my table there, thanks for visiting the site as well!