Halloweenie Coloring Pages!

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It’s October! It’s time for two fresh coloring pages and this month they’re Halloween themed! (In case you’ve filled yourself up with too much candy already, you have something to color while rolling around in more candy!)First up are Lydia & Fizzlebit have doned some costumes!

Coloring page of Lydia & Fizzlebit being BATTY.

Lydia and Fizzlebit ARE BATTY.

They’re pretty big on do-it-yourself costumes, especially when they involve wings. This month’s other page features pumpkins of the non-spiced variety. Somewhat similar to Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, Lydia is waiting to see if any of these pumpkins will show that they’re beneficial for the mission!


Pumpkin patches are more fun in a giant pumpkin!

Pumpkin patches are more fun in a giant pumpkin!

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