September Coloring Pages Feature McTuffin & Gregory!

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It’s time for this month’s coloring pages! This time around, Lydia and Fizzlebit have gone off to do other things while we get 2 coloring pages with McTuffin and Gregory in them! McTuffin will soon further reveal his feelings in the comic regarding all of the McTuffin merchandise featuring his face, but Gregory seems like he doesn’t mind having a wee-stuffed version of himself around. Also: McTuffin’s alternate universe occupation is that of a Private Eye! Mostly so he can wear a cool hat and tie.

Gregory like plush copies of himself more than McTuffin does.

Gregory like plush copies of himself more than McTuffin does.

McTuffin: Private Eye, PAKOWS the bad guys, when he's not chilling.

McTuffin: Private Eye, PAKOWS the bad guys, when he’s not chilling.

As always, nab these pages and other downloadable/printable coloring pages right over here in the Extras section!

New House Nonsense!

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Boy howdy! Buying a house and then moving said house is hard! The last several weeks have been pretty crazy, and included (but were not limited to): signing a bucket of paperwork, Uhaul rental/usage on a cramped side street, a toilet failure, painting over an icky brown, cats huddling in closets, various crickets and spiders, furiously cleaning an apartment more than probably necessary, and getting lost trying to get to the closest grocery store.

But! It’s totally worth it! The house is super rad, our yard is nice (and doesn’t take long to mow), pets have settled and enjoying themselves, and there’s only maybe 45% of the boxes left to unpack! 35%? Maybe? I hope? Ugh, boxes.

The varying troubles of things that are still packed/have been put in the wrong place/have been misplaced have made getting back into doing comics stuff harder, but Fizzlebit is still slated to start up Chapter 4 this month! I’m shooting for mid-September to start up Chapter 4, with a lofty goal of also having a PDF version to buy of the whole chapter. Will the house try to thwart this effort?! ONLY TIME WILL TELL!