Webcomiciversy cake PUNCH!

Published in on by Lindsay

Lydia and Fizzlebit celebrate the Webcomiciversary of 'Fizzlebit' by punching a cake

It’s been a year since I started posting Fizzlebit on the Interwebs. Truthfully, the entire story has been floating around for a while, but working on it for the past year has been a grand adventure of Manga Studio fist-fights, Photoshop color profile confusion, and lost sketchbooks with valuable thumbnails. (I found them later). It is a belief of mine that whenever you pass the mark of when your webcomic started (here-in referred to as the “Webcomiciversary”) that you are entitled to cupcakes. Because, DANG! Comics are a lotta WORK.

James picked up chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for the occasion, and also started a new webcomic series specifically to delight me. Because he’s awesome. No specific update schedule right now, just SILLINESS at Mega Giganto!

Seriously, he laid out some pages and drew and colored and bought a domain and set up hosting on his day off before I got home from work. Total awesomeness.

Shooting for more cake punches and cupcakes and comics!