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New Princess Pups episode for local comic anthology!

Published in on by Lindsay

Periodically, I hang out with a group of other St. Louis comic artists at a monthly event called Ink and Drink, where we hang out at a local restaurant/bar to draw, snack, and partake in beverages. Ink and Drink collectively publishes anthologies of comics by its members and I’ve finally ponyed up and done a comic for their next anthology called Juice Box!¬†Juice Box is focused on all-ages friendly comics and the plan is to have it ready for the next St. Louis Wizard World in May of this year, which I will also be attending.

For the occasion, I decided to create another stellar (although shorter, since this was my first submission for an Ink and Drink project) story of Princess Pups! This time, the Princess Pups must overcome some dastardly Commando Cats! And yes, I enjoy alliteration, don’t you? :)

Check out the 4 page story with super-rad title page below!

Assuming the printing process goes smoothly, I’ll have copies of Juice Box with me at the STL Wizard World this year for purchase, so you can get your hands on some peppy Princess Pups in print (alliterations, amirite?!).

New Year! New coloring pages!

Published in on by Lindsay

The Christmas Coma has finally passed, so it’s back to making more awesome. For the month of January, you dear readers get three coloring pages, including the chapter two title page!

Color Chapter Two's Title!

Color Chapter Two’s Title!

New Year's Parties with sparkling cider are awesome.

New Year’s Parties with sparkling cider are awesome.

Ice sculptures aren't as tasty as ice cream.

Ice sculptures aren’t as tasty as ice cream.

The ice sculpture illustration was inspired by seeing many awesome ice sculptures at The Delmar Loop Ice Carnival last year, where lots of winter-based activities (including ice sculpting) take over the Delmar Loop area in St. Louis. James and I worked extra hard to accomplish the Temporary Tattoo Scavenger Hunt, and were rewarded with wee plush penguins!

Sweet Temporary Tattoos of Penguin Winning Power

Sweet Temporary Tattoos of Penguin Winning Power

You can download this month’s coloring pages in the Extras section.