Find me at Wizard World St. Louis this weekend!

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Wizard World St. Louis 2014 Swag Sampling

A small sampling of the swag I’ll selling at Wizard World 2014 this year.

Wizard World St. Louis is right around the corner, if the corner represents tomorrow, that is! I’ll be in Artist Alley all Friday, Saturday and Sunday,at Booth C56, sharing a table with some fine folks including the hubby James Hornsby of fame.

People that I’m not married to that will also be at our tables include Andrea Lammie of Zenbot Design, Mary McKenzie of Unicorgi, and Jeff Johnson of Handmade Family and the comic Life With Girls. We’ll all have a fine variety of crafty and illustrative swag for you to peruse and purchase if you so please. (Yeah, alliteration!)

I’ll have mini-comics for sale, including Princess Pups as well as the entire (current) run of Pakow! McTuffin! comic strips I did a year or so ago. I’ll also have some spankin’ new Eevee print cards (because I didn’t play Pokemon Y for two months, then when I picked it up again I realized I needed to draw ALL THE EEVEES), buttons of varying sharkitude, sketch cards and more!

If you’re in the St. Louis area, the show looks to be shaping up to be pretty cool so far with some rad guests. I will be trying my hardest to not follow Christ Jericho around with admiration in my eyes. You can find the up-to-date guest list on the Wizard World website, as well as info on tickets, panels, yadda yadda. Hope to see ya there!

Swimmin’ Mole submission shipped!

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I meant to bring this up a few weeks ago, but the last 2 pages of the Swimmin’ Mole pitch successfully reached the great Leighton Conner (of Hex Games fame). He typed up an award-winning proposal (well, I’d give it an award anyhow) and submitted it to Top Shelf. I really hope they take the time to read it and enjoy it enough to want to publish it.

Here’s those last two pages, preceded by all of the current Swimmin’ Mole pages in existence. Enjoy!

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 1

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 1

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 2

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 2

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 3

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 3

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 4

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 4

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 5

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 5

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 6

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 6

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 7

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 7

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 8

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 8

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 9

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 9

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 10

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 10

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 11

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 11

The Swimmin' Mole, Page 12

The Swimmin’ Mole, Page 12

As a quick update, I’m still hard at work on the Fizzlebit reboot. I discovered when going through the prologue and first 11 pages of chapter one that my files were the wrong ratio, so I’ve been re-inking those and am about 75% done with that. Phase One of…um, however many more, I forget.