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Bucket of Items Added to the Store!

Published in on by Lindsay

The store has been expanded! In addition to being able to buy digital comic versions of Fizzlebit chapters, I’ve now added several physical Fizzlebit goods as well! I’m completely new to selling Real Life items on the Interwebs, but there’s a post office not terribly far from our house so shipping items should be pretty straightforward.

You know you want a Real Life Fizzlebit Book

You know you want a Real Life Fizzlebit Book

The Fizzlebit goodies added are:
The print edition of Fizzlebit, Volume 1: This contains the prologue, chapters 1 & 2, plus all of the extra goodies made for the digital comic editions. And it’s in full-color book format!
Coloring book : Gathering the first 9-months-ish of coloring pages, this coloring book also has never-graced-the-Internet activity pages, including the first connect-the-dots I’ve ever made! (PS, it will probably be the last, they are kinda hard to make)
– Earrings: Fizzlebit and McTuffin can dangle from your pierced ears if you so choose! Fizzlebit dances and McTuffin makes a point to PAKOW! whatever might be near your head! (Or maybe your head as well)

I also added some super-fun Princess Pups items like:
Princess Pups Mini-Comic Button Combo of Cute: It’s the first 16 page adventure with the Princess Pups, plus it comes with a 3 button set! Holy moley!
Sticker Sheet(!): Making a sticker sheet is apparently an endeavor, especially when there are 25(!) different stickers. Help me feel accomplished and buy some! :)
– Earrings: Because you’ve always needed cute puppies dangling from your ears. There’s 3 different puppies to choose from – Fluffy, Pug, and Corgi!

Check out all the goods over here at my Gumroad store!

November Coloring Pages Bringin’ the Thanks!

Published in and tagged on by Lindsay
Suddenly, November! Time for a new set of coloring pages! We had buckets of trick-or-treaters at our house, which was delightful! For some reason, the stores seem to be nudging Halloween out the door sooner for Christmas and in the process, completely skipping Thanksgiving. Which is silly, because Thanksgiving means family and delicious turkey! Or, in the instance of one of this month’s coloring pages, PUPPET SHOWS!
Thanksgiving puppet show!!

Thanksgiving puppet show!!

I’ve heard rumors that sometimes Thanksgiving brings sweater vests. Or perhaps maybe I was misinformed. In either case, here’s a sweater-vest themed coloring page!
Sweater vests are swell

Sweater vests are swell