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Coloring Page Comic Mash-Up!

Published in on by Lindsay

It’s February! The groundhog woke up and left! Valentine candy is almost on clearance! And time for your monthly dose of coloring page goodness! This month, a first – a horizontal/landscaped/not-portraity coloring page. And with good reason, it’s full of PUPPIES.

Lydia & Fizzlebit love tea parties with Princess Puppies!

Lydia & Fizzlebit love tea parties with Princess Puppies!

To celebrate Princess Pups launching as a comic series published through Tapastic, I had Lydia and Fizzlebit meet the Princess Pups for tea for your coloring delight. Naturally, Lydia wants to take this opportunity to ask the monarchial dogs about how they got their status.

ALSO! Even though he’s kinda trying to destroy Lydia’ science project that she worked SO HARD on in the comic at the moment, Mecha Gregory is flying through the sky in this month’s second coloring page. Startling birds, takin’ names, like any baby giraffe in a mech suit would do.

Mecha Gregory likes to fly!

Mecha Gregory likes to fly!

Chapter Four is excitedly hurtling toward it’s ending, so perhaps Lydia can find a way to thwart this whole Mecha Gregory situation?! We’ll soon see!

Behold, the first coloring pages of 2016!

Published in and tagged on by Lindsay

Dang you guys! It’s not 2015 anymore! What happened? (Well, besides me breaking some bones, but whatevers.) It’s a whole new year as well as a whole new month, which means it’s time for you guys to have some new coloring pages to enjoy! This month’s got a wintery-snow theme, although so far where I am, the most we’ve pretty much just had rain / flooding / vague early-morning frost…Regardless!

McTuffin isn't a very good dog sled instructor.

McTuffin isn’t a very good dog sled instructor.

Did you know that dog sleds are PRETTY DANG COMPLEX and tricky to simplify for the purpose of coloring? You’re welcome. Not sure who those dogs belong to though…Meanwhile, Lydia and Fizzlebit are more partial to the non-dog-powered sledding activities

Sledding on your back is safer than metal discs!

Sledding on your back is safer than metal discs!

You’ll find past coloring pages, both snowy and non-snowy, over on the Extras page!