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April showers…of coloring pages?

Published in on by Lindsay
Coming up with month and coloring page related titles is hard. In any case, there’s a fresh batch of two new coloring pages available for your enjoyment! Although it’s a bit late for an Easter themed coloring page, at least you’ll be ready for next year ;) The combination of an Easter theme with medieval/paladin playtime means I wanted to draw Fizzlebit in a giant egg and that I’ve been playing too much Fantasy Life on my Gameboy/3DS.
Easter Egg Hide-and-Seek!

Easter Egg Hide-and-Seek!

Paladins usually have cardboard castles.

Paladins usually have cardboard castles.

In the ‘Golly is Linday’s leg working yet’ front, I have an appointment tomorrow¬†for a followup that I’m hoping will result in the words of “Tell your crutches that you named Mortimer that he should take a hike! But keep on that industrial boot while you walk around”. Or something along those lines. My physical therapy work on my ankle has gone well so far, so much so that it doesn’t hurt as much 2 hours afterward like it did the first few times I had appointments. Pretty soon, I’ll be using my titanium rod leg for world domination. :)

Come find me at the April First Friday, with dinosaurs!

Published in on by Lindsay

If you live in or around St. Louis and are a big nerd for dinosaurs and/or Jurassic Park, you should come down to the First Friday at the St. Louis Science Center today! First Fridays at the Science Center are overall free and geeky workshops and talks about a specific theme, plus a movie on the Omnimax screen, and this Friday’s theme is Jurassic Park! I previously made it to the Avengers themed Friday and it was awesome! You’ll find more information here about the plans/happenings for the Jurassic Park themed Friday

Not only that, but me and my cohort James will be there with some of our rad swag/merch/fun things, which does include instances of dinosaurs. Specifically, the brand new Jurassic Holes mini-comic that I wrote/drew (with a lotta help from James) will make it’s first appearance!

A couple of conventions ago, James had the idea to do a Jurassic Park mini-comic that turned various scenes from the movies into mini-love stories. Jurassic Holes intends to….point out plot holes and explain them?! Some of them make complete and TOTAL SENSE. Others…maybe not.

Some of the comics we'll have, including the brand-new Jurassic Holes!

Some of the comics we’ll have, including the brand-new Jurassic Holes!

We’ll also have some prints (including sharks, because they hung out around the same time as dinosaurs, at least some of them did), buttons and more! Come pay us a visit if you’re in the area and need to see some fellow dinosaur nerds on a Friday :)

That's a Sharkasaurus! And a Unishark, among other shark prints.

That’s a Sharkasaurus! And a Unishark, among other shark prints.