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Dressed-up Coloring Pages for April!

Published in and tagged on by Lindsay

A new month snuck up! That means it’s time for monthly coloring pages! This month, I really felt like dressing Lydia and Fizzlebit up a bit, so it only made sense that tuxedos would be involved in one of the coloring pages. A special shout-out to whatever you call those things that Scrooge McDuck wears on his feet, because they look cute on Fizzlebit!

Matching tuxedos are the best tuxedos!

Matching tuxedos are the best tuxedos!

For the second coloring page, I was actually thinking of an old gag comic I’d done several years ago. One of the first pages I did for Fizzlebit back in the day (um, a whillleee back, forgive Lydia’s wonky hair and Fizzlebit’s lack of a neck) involved Lydia trying to make Needed Disguises for her and Fizzlebit….

We need DISGUISES! Is a good comic title.

We need DISGUISES! Is a good comic title.

…so, I drew the last disguise from this comic as a coloring page, updated to my current style! (And with less pants for Fizzlebit, because they look weird on him).

Not sure how Lydia found a wig that matched her hair for Fizzlebit.

Not sure how Lydia found a wig that matched her hair for Fizzlebit.

You can get previous coloring pages right over here!

Interview with Best WebComics!

Published in on by Lindsay

Recently while crawling through the Interwebs, I found Best Webcomics. It’s a free directory for finding webcomics and various other webcomic delights. News, tutorials, interviews, all sorts of webcomic-related goodness!

I submitted Fizzlebit to their directory using their handy submission form. Super straight-forward, by the way, in case you have a comic you’d like to submit. Then they interviewed me about all sorts of things! You can read on the Fizzlebit entry of their site!